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Here at Hair Extension Training North West, we provide a plethora of training courses for different types of hair extensions. Extend your business or hairdressing practice as well as your clients’ hair style, as you learn new skills to create length, volume and full-bodied hair. Today, we turn the spotlight on micro ring hair extensions. Read on to find out more about what exactly micro rings are, what our course involves, and all the details to get your started.

What are Micro Rings?

Micro ring extensions are a type of braid-less weave. Instead of braiding or plaiting the extensions into the natural hair directly, they work by fitting the micro rings to bond the extension strands in a cylindrical shaped tip to mimic natural hair fall. This weft then allows you to apply a specific technique whereby you take each small section of the client’s natural hair over and underneath it in order to fix the hair in place, still allowing the natural hair to fall freely.

What are the Benefits of Micro Rings?

The technique applied using micro rings is kinder to your clients’ natural hair. They are easy to maintain and offer a highly realistic look without damaging your clients’ natural hair. The micro ring extensions last between six to twelve weeks, and they only take a few minutes to fit. The result is an affordable service for your client, where they can benefit from a long-lasting extension. For this reason, they are becoming very popular within the hair extension industry.

What does the Micro Rings Course Involve?

By attending the micro rings course, you will learn the specific techniques necessary to fit this type of hair extension. They come in small, medium and large, and can fit all hair types, so you can learn the difference between these different uses. You will be shown how to complete a consultation with your client, including how to find a perfect colour match, as well as the application of the extensions with the micro rings, cutting and styling with the extensions, and the removal of the extensions. We even include how you can maximise your profit potential with this service.

What are the details of the Micro Rings Course?

The course is completed in just one day, and costs £399, and includes a choice of both the weave or tape methods. It is possible to secure your place on the course by paying a deposit of just £50. You may be an existing hairdresser with an NVQ (1, 2, and 3), an extension technician looking to increase their skill set, or a complete beginner, looking to start a new career path. The course fee will pay for itself once you start to work with clients using these skills to create amazing hair styles from micro ring extensions, where you could see yourself earning around £200 a week, up to £2000 a week.

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