Micro Ring Extensions – A Revolution is the Extension Industry

2020 has seen major developments in the world of hair extensions.  Hair Extension Training, North West have an extensive range of training to meet your client bases choice, needs, budgets and timescales within the industry.  When you view our website, you may be surprised at the choice of hair extension courses available.  However, because the industry is always growing, offering new ways to produce flowing natural looking locks that your clients will love, it can appear complex.  These techniques are not too difficult to master, but the courses do require a certain amount of dedication and commitment in order for you to see the significant return we know can be achieved when you take one or more of our hair extensions courses.  This area of hair care is specialised and therefore well worth the effort and time in order for you to have a successful career.

The weft extension technique combines two techniques to provide a quick and easy application.  Weft’s are a collection of hair strands from a choice of colours that are woven into onto a fine strip of fabric or net.  As stated, this is a fast technique that produces excellent results, maximizing profit potential.  Micro rings are attached to the weft and the hair is weaved into the rings.

The micro ring extension uses a small lock of the hair extension pieces, based on the tones and colours the client has requested, for each individual application.  Using the micro beads that come in three different sizes, small, medium and large, we secure the extension strand to the natural hair segment. Each bead is in a cylindrical shape and threaded on easily using applicators. Then the artificial hair can be slipped into the bead along with the segment of natural hair that has been sectioned. This technique allows for the extension to be threaded and blended with the natural locks, allowing it to mimic the natural hair fall.  The beads have a silicone lining that grips the hair, stopping it from slipping down the hair preventing breakages, and keeping the hair style for longer.  Each part is held towards the top of the natural hair segment, but not so close to the scalp that it obstructs the natural hair growth, making it lift from its natural position.

It is important that the right size bead is used for each application to avoid slippage and an untidy look.  At the same time, making the section too thick can make the overall hair style look bulky and change the shape.

These techniques are, to put it simply, revolutionary.  Companies have called the weft extension the hidden weave, the easy weave and the invisible weave/weft.  This is because the application cannot be detected once applied correctly.  The ability and the talent needed to apply these techniques are something that can be taught, and something that you will use regularly in your profession.  However, knowing how to apply this technique and doing it with expert results are another.  Hair Extension Training, North West, by Laura Leanne & Co can provide you with the top-rated qualifications you will need.

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