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At Hair Extension Training North West, we deliver a variety of training courses for different kinds of hair extensions. The course is designed for those who wish to increase the range of options for their clients as part of building their hairdressing business. Typically, these courses include training on how to create long, full-bodied hair that is full of volume and vibrancy. Now we turn our attention to our online hair extension course for tape-in hair extensions. We previously covered exactly tape-in extensions are, and so today we are focussing on the content of our online hair extension courses, delivered here in the UK.


Tape-in hair extensions are the latest and greatest method for providing clients with hair extensions that naturally give an incredible appearance by adding length, volume and body. Your introduction will include how to carry out consultations with your clients to make sure you know exactly what they want, enabling you to do your best to execute it.

Modules 2-4

From the second module, you will cover all things hair, and go into detail about colour matching and section patterns. Colour matching helps to ensure that your clients get the most natural look possible. Whether your client chooses to tell people they wear extensions, or not, it is often still important to colour match as closely as possible as the key to hair beauty is the natural element. Section patterns are paramount to achieving the perfect look, making sure the hair lays in the right way, whatever style it is worn in.

Modules 5-7

From the next step, everything gets more practical and hands-on, as module six is all about the application of the tape-in hair extension technique. We cover everything step-by-step, and then go into cutting and blending techniques. You will get a manual to go over the steps until they become second-nature and you can carry out the technique without the guidance. Cutting and blending techniques ensure the client is happy with a look that is unique to them and suits them individually.

Modules 8-11

The final two modules of the course cover tape removal, re-taping, and support. Whilst hair extensions offer clients a long-term way of enjoying long and full-bodied hair, the time will come where the extensions will require removal. Make sure that you have your existing clients coming back to you by offering deals on tape removal and re-taping. By the end of the course, we cover additional support and can answer any further queries or concerns to make sure you walk away confident in your ability to apply and work with tape-in hair extensions.On completion of the training course, you will receive online hair extension certification.

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